Update on Third Energy Operations - 6th February 2018

We are very pleased that Greg Clark, the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy, (BEIS), has confirmed that we have met all of the thirteen technical requirements set out in in section 4A of the Petroleum Act 1998.  Before the Secretary of State will give final consent to hydraulically fracture the KM-8 well, he has asked the Oil & Gas Authority, working with the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, to undertake a review of Third Energy’s financial resilience that includes the eventual decommissioning of the site. We will be providing the information required for this review to be completed.  This means that there will be a further period before we can expect final consent from the Government to proceed with our operations.

As this process may take some time we have agreed with the relevant contractors to release some of their equipment from site; namely the coil tubing unit, the well control unit and the workover rig.  This will allow our contractors to deploy their equipment to other projects during the financial review.  We will maintain the majority of the operational equipment onsite and continue all of the monitoring requirements set by the regulators. We have informed North Yorkshire County Council and the Police about the planned movements and will be working with them to ensure they are undertaken safely and without disruption to residents.

In parallel with the preparations for the KM-8 fracs and waiting for final consent, we have continued to invest in and develop our existing conventional fields.  We are pleased to report that initial results from our project to enhance gas flows are showing encouraging results. As part of our ongoing investment in the conventional fields, we have initiated the process of extending a range of permissions for the Vale of Pickering well sites and pipelines and the Knapton Generating Station.

We appreciate that this situation creates further uncertainty for residents and we thank them for their patience.  Given that there will be no hydraulic fracturing operations at the site until final consent is received, we hope that the protestors will also give residents a break from their campaign of disruption and this will enable everyone to resume their normal daily lives and also reduce pressure on North Yorkshire Police.


Traffic Management Plan

We apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced when our HGVs have been delayed by protestor action. We are working with North Yorkshire Police to minimise these delays. We are fully committed to working within the traffic management plan agreed with North Yorkshire County Council but, on the instruction of the NYP, there are times when we have had to deviate from this plan.  This includes occasionally using an alternative route to bring HGVs to site and our staff entering and leaving the site not via the Habton Road. 

We have had several questions and comments about the use of convoys.  Naturally, we would prefer that that the police did not require us to move our vehicles in convoys as we know this is not what local residents expect.  However, the traffic management plan does not prohibit their use.  However as we bring vehicles to site we will endeavour to minimise traffic movement at key times and, as set out in the plan, avoid the period when the school bus is collecting and dropping off pupils in the village.


17 October odour report

We have been asked to provide further information on an odour reported as coming from the KMA well site on 17 October.  We understand how smelling an unusual odour in the village can cause distress and we do take reports of them very seriously.  We can confirm that the internal cleaning of water storage tanks with fresh water caused a low level of odour on site. There were no chemicals involved in this exercise.  An odour is not the same as a gas leak.

On 17 October a Kirby Misperton resident contacted Third Energy to say that they had noticed a smell in the village and wanted to know what might have caused it.  About fifteen people were working on the site at the time, including those involved in flushing the tanks, and none of them reported any adverse symptoms. We can clearly state that there were no health and safety issues on site and no leak of any gas. As required, this odour complaint was reported to both Ryedale District Council and the Environment Agency.


Break-in at KMA well site: update statement 22/10/17 pm


At 10.25 am this morning a highly experienced rescue team completed the safe rescue of two protestors from the workover rig on a well site in Kirby Misperton. Third Energy took the decision to bring in the team from Specialist Group International because of serious concerns for the welfare and safety of the two protestors occupying the rig. Read more here


Break-in at KMA well site: update statement 21/10/17 pm

Third Energy’s first priority is the safety and welfare of all people on its premises, including the three activists who illegally entered into the KMA well site this morning and climbed up the derrick of the workover rig.

Because of concern for the welfare of the two activists remaining on the rig, particularly because of the forecast high winds and rain, Third Energy is making arrangements for the safe resolution of this situation as soon as possible.   In the interim, Third Energy will be offering them industry standard harnesses and lanyards to clip-on to the rig safely.  We are also offering them hot drinks.

One of the activists voluntarily climbed down from the rig at circa 15:40 this afternoon.


Statement regarding break-in at KMA well site

Third Energy can confirm that one female and two males have broken into the KMA live gas well site in Kirby Misperton early on the morning of 21 October.  The intruders have climbed up the workover rig, currently mobilised to the KM8 well, and are occupying the platform known as the monkey board.

The company strongly condemns this reckless action that potentially has serious health and safety consequences for both the intruders and the people working on the site.  In particular, the intruders have been advised by police loud hailer of the serious risk created by open flames and sparks on a live gas site.

The current work programme with the rig has been completed and the rig is ready to be demobilised. 


Wildlife Protection and Bats

The protection of wildlife, including bats, was specifically addressed in the planning process.  Condition 20 of the planning consent required Third Energy to submit a Wildlife Protection Method Statement. This is also available on the North Yorkshire County Council website: https://onlineplanningregister.northyorks.gov.uk/register/PlanAppDisp.as...

With operations at the KM8 wellsite starting in September, Third Energy will complete a further survey in accordance with the planning consent.  It should be remember that the KMA well site itself has been there since 1985 and provides no suitable places for bat roosts and limited foraging opportunities, because of the hardstanding and existing wellsite infrastructure.  


Hydraulic Fracture Plan

Please click here to view our hydraulic fracture plan.


Traffic Management

You can find here the latest Traffic Management Plan that has been approved by North Yorkshire County Council for the KM8 hydraulic fracturing operations.


Fact Sheets

KM8 Hydraulic Fracturing Fact Sheet November 2017

KM8 Community Benefits Fund Fact Sheet


Kirby Misperton Information Day 2017

We held a community update event on 31st August 2017 where we were able to meet local residents, listen to their concerns and answer their questions. Please click here to see the display panels we used as background to these conversations.  If you have a question you would like answered please contact us at: [email protected].