Third Energy is an independent company with a focus on gas appraisal and development, set up with the purpose of building a portfolio of UK producing and appraisal assets, onshore and offshore.

The highly qualified and experienced management team and staff are using their knowledge and expertise to identify and develop significant opportunities – both in existing, mature areas and applications for new licences.


Portfolio Growth

The company is active in growing its portfolio of assets. Growth is delivered through a mix of asset purchases, farm-in to quality acreage and participation in UK onshore and offshore licensing rounds – as both operator and joint venture partner.

Latest news

3 July 2017

Third Energy Submits Hydraulic Fracture Plan for KM8

Third Energy has submitted its Hydraulic Fracture Plan (HFP) to the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) and the Environment Agency.  As part of the regulatory framework, onshore oil and gas operators must prepare and submit an HFP for approval by the OGA. The EA’s remit extends to the protection of all groundwater and made its approval of the HFP an Environmental Permit condition.


26 April 2017

Third Energy statement in response to the illegal action by protestors at Kirby Misperton

Third Energy condemns, in the highest possible terms, the actions of a small group of protestors who blockaded access to our KM-A site at Kirby Misperton, trapping a number of people on the site.

On Tuesday 25 April, staff from Third Energy, along with contractors working for Third Energy, went onto our site to conduct routine monitoring and testing equipment as part of our regulatory compliance programme.  Our staff and contractors undertake such activities on all our sites regularly and have done so for over twenty years. Monitoring and testing is a very important part of ensuring the safety and integrity of our wells.

During the early afternoon, our people became aware that protestors were gathering at the access point to the site, and discovered that they had locked the gates, using chains and padlocks in addition to using their cars to block the site entrance. A number of people were effectively imprisoned by this action for over seven hours in extremely cold conditions and with no access to food.

The protestors, who shouted insults and abuse, deigned to allow our staff and contractors off site at 9:30pm in the evening, “slow walking” them through Kirby Misperton, causing additional distress and disruption to both local residents and our people.  All of this action was gleefully captured by the protestors for social media and their identities are clearly apparent through the postings.

Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy, said: “This illegal action is calculated to cause distress to our staff, and our contractors, who are only trying to go about their daily, legitimate work, and will continue to do so. In fact, they were conducting activities required by regulatory bodies, one of the key aspects of additional protection that public and protestors have wanted.  Third Energy respects people’s right to lawful protest, but this is not lawful and prevents people from going about their legitimate work, indeed imprisoning them on site. We call on the police and authorities to take the strongest possible action to ensure this sort of mob rule by a minority, which we have seen in other parts of the country, doesn’t come to Ryedale.”

Third Energy has been producing gas and energy in Ryedale in a safe, discreet and environmentally sensitive way for more than two decades, and the first well was drilled at the KMA site in 1985. We work closely with local residents, local businesses, local councils and the regulators. We look forward to being able to develop our operations in the future in the same safe, discreet and environmentally sensitive way.


21 February 2017


Third Energy, will shortly begin its planned workover operations at its well site in Pickering.  The short workover programme will convert the conventional gas production well into a production and re-injection well.  Early preparation work at the site has already begun.

The Environment Agency permits required for the changes were issued in 2015, and planning permission was granted in 2016 for the change of use. The planned modifications will increase production from the Pickering gas field significantly and ensure continued production for up to a further 15 years.

Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy, said of the project: “We have been producing gas safely in North Yorkshire for over 20 years and at the PK1 well in Pickering since 1996. Of the original estimated gas in place only about 14% has been produced to date.  It is believed that by applying this proven technology, gas recovery could be increased to about 50% of the original gas in place.


20 December 2016

Third Energy welcomes the Judicial Review ruling regarding its application at Kirby Misperton

Third Energy is pleased that the court has found that North Yorkshire County Council acted properly in granting planning permission for test fracs at the existing KM8 well in Ryedale.  The council set 40 conditions to the grant of planning permission which the company is well on its way to satisfying. It is worth remembering that we are nearly two years into a planning application process for a proposed operation that would take less than three months to complete.

Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy, said: “The permission places a great obligation on Third Energy to prove that we can carry out the test fracs in the same safe, discreet and environmentally sensitive way that we have conducted our gas exploration and energy generation activities over the past two decades. We are confident that we will prove to the local community that their elected representatives were right to grant this permission.  We look forward to the results of the test fracs which will help establish whether gas can be produced from deeper and tighter rock formations at the Kirby Misperton site.”

For further information contact the Third Energy press office on:

London: 020 7680 6534


23 May 2016

KM8 Planning Application Approved

Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy said:

“First I would like to thank North Yorkshire County Council for making this positive determination. I know that this is not a decision that they have taken lightly, especially given the technical complexities and number of presentations made.  I would also like to thank the Planning Department and Officer for their professionalism and scrutiny.  And finally I would like to thank the whole Third Energy team, including our many expert consultants, for their work on this application over the last two years.

This approval, is not as a victory, but is a huge responsibility.  We will have to deliver on our commitment, made to the committee and to the people of Ryedale, to undertake this operation safely and without impacting on the local environment.

However, don’t expect to see any activities on site in the near future.  We have conditions from both the planning authority and the Environment Agency to discharge. There are other consents and notifications required prior to receiving final consent from the Secretary of State. Then there is the normal commercial and project management work, such as the letting of contracts and ordering of long lead items.

The purpose of this application is to establish if the gas seen in some samples in this hybrid sandstone shale formation can be made to flow, at what process conditions and for how long. If this flows then we will need to assess how it performs for some months before making any conclusions.

So now we move on to the next stage of obtaining required approvals.”


20 May 2016

Third Energy response to statement made by Nicky Mason during the North Yorkshire County Council Planning Committee 20 May 2016

During this morning’s planning committee meeting, a statement made by Nicky Mason misrepresented information relating to Third Energy’s operations. For clarification, this is the correct information:

During a conventional workover at the Malton 4 well in November 2015, which involved lifting using nitrogen gas, operators detected that there was a small leak from the thread on a valve. In order to remedy this, it was necessary to let the line pressure down - that is remove the nitrogen that was being used in the workover as well as a very low proportion of other gas. In line with normal operating procedures the line gases were sent to the Knapton Generating Station. Because the gas mix was principally nitrogen it was not possible to combust this in the turbine so, again in line with normal operating procedures, the gas was directed to the onsite flare stack, where it mixed with the atmosphere, which of course is 78% nitrogen.  Standard operations such as pressure let downs and venting are not operations that require reporting to regulators.

Even though the vented gas only had a very small proportion of methane and other gases, there was some odour which was detected by a resident living close to the Knapton Generating Station. However there was no risk to human or animal health, and no risk of environmental damage. The call from the local resident was reported to the Environmental Health Officer at Ryedale District Council as is standard protocol for odour complaints.

During a regular audit by the Environment Agency, it said that it had not received the report. It requested that Third Energy revise their procedures to update Agency contact details and ensure that such reports are made to both the EHO at RDC and the Environment Agency in the future. This has been done and acknowledged formally by the Environment Agency. 


12 May 2016


Commenting on the recommendation by North Yorkshire County Council to approve the planning application to hydraulically fracture the KM8 well, Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy said:

“We are pleased that the Planning Officer has recommended that North Yorkshire County Council approve our application. Within our application, and throughout North Yorkshire County Council’s thorough assessment of it, including various stages of consultation, and through all the additional information provided, we have addressed the wide range of questions, concerns and comments raised by NYCC, statutory consultees and others. This work is reflected in the Planning Officer’s Report together with the planning conditions proposed. We believe that this thorough report will enable North Yorkshire County Council to reach a positive determination on our application.

“Third Energy has been drilling wells and producing gas safely and discreetly from this site in Kirby Misperton for over 20 years and we will continue to maintain the same standards in the future.”  

For further information contact the Third Energy press office on:

Yorkshire: 0845 544 3799

London: 020 7680 6534

Notes to editors:

Third Energy is an independent company with a focus on gas appraisal and development, set up with the purpose of building a portfolio of UK producing and appraisal assets, onshore and offshore, and to be a respected and profitable gas company.




Third Energy is pleased that the Environment Agency has now issued environmental permits necessary for the proposed hydraulic fracturing of the KM8 well at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire. The three permits have been issued after extensive review of the company’s plans and arrangements, and following public consultations and extensions to allow for even greater consultations. The permits are:

Mining Waste Operation, including a Mining Waste Facility
Groundwater Activity Permit
Radioactive Substances Activity Permit

Commenting on this announcement John Dewar, Operations Director, said:

“This is another important step towards having the necessary permissions in place to fracture the KM8 well and evaluate the potential of the shale resource to produce gas commercially. The permits cover, amongst other things, the frac fluid and the disposal of flow back water. The issuing of these permits demonstrates that the Environment Agency is satisfied that the hydraulic fracturing operation, including frac fluid which is non-hazardous to ground water and the disposal of the flow back water, can be managed without impacting on the local environment. The Company will undertake additional actions to ensure conditions attached to the permits are met, ensuring further and ongoing protections.”

He continued:

“Conditions attached to the permits require us to undertake a wide programme of baseline studies to establish measure existing conditions at the well site. Thereafter, the permit requires us to monitor emissions to air, water, seismicity and noise during and after the operation, in accordance with an agreed Environmental Monitoring Plan, to identify if the hydraulic fracturing has created any measurable change to the baseline conditions. This monitoring is important as it will show whether or not our operations have impacted conditions and provide reassurance to both the residents and the wider local community.”

For further information contact the Third Energy press office on:

Yorkshire: 0845 544 3799

London: 020 7680 6534

Notes to editors:

Third Energy is an independent company with a focus on gas appraisal and development, set up with the purpose of building a portfolio of UK producing and appraisal assets, onshore and offshore, and to be a respected and profitable gas company.




Our first investment was in a group of onshore assets in Yorkshire acquired through the purchase of Viking UK Gas Limited and RGS Energy Services in 2011. These assets include mature producing fields, undeveloped gas...


Third Energy has a significant and growing offshore portfolio. Our current offshore holdings consist of three licences in the Southern North Sea: Pegasus   Block 43/13b; Andromeda  Block 43/12; and Otter Block...


Third Energy’s objective is to have minimum impact on the community, whether from environmental, health or safety impacts from our operations. We are very proud to have operated for over 20-years without any significant incidents.