Third Energy is an independent company with a focus on gas appraisal and development, set up with the purpose of building a portfolio of UK producing and appraisal assets, onshore and offshore.

The highly qualified and experienced management team and staff are using their knowledge and expertise to identify and develop significant opportunities – both in existing, mature areas and applications for new licences.


Portfolio Growth

The company is active in growing its portfolio of assets. Growth is delivered through a mix of asset purchases, farm-in to quality acreage and participation in UK onshore and offshore licensing rounds – as both operator and joint venture partner.

Latest news

12 October 2017

Kirby Misperton to Benefit from new Community Fund

Community groups and charities in the area of Kirby Misperton will soon be able to apply for grants from a new £100,000 fund. Third Energy has signed an agreement with the Two Ridings Community Foundation to be the independent managers of the community fund linked to the hydraulic fracturing operations in Kirby Misperton. This Fund has been set up under the United Kingdom Onshore Oil & Gas (UKOOG) community engagement charter to help support community benefit schemes. 


10 October 2017

Third Energy Receives Approval from Environment Agency of Hydraulic Fracture Plan

Third Energy welcomes approval of its Hydraulic Fracture Plan (HFP) for the KM8 well by the Environment Agency. 

Commenting on the approval Third Energy’s chief executive, Rasik Valand, said:

“We are very pleased to have achieved another significant regulatory milestone towards hydraulic fracturing of our KM8 well following a thorough review of all the technical issues and protections.  We will now be in a position to prepare and submit a formal application to the Secretary of State for Hydraulic Fracturing Consent (HFC).

“The Hydraulic Fracture Plan is a technical document that sets out how the company will meet a range of specific regulatory protections around hydraulic fracturing. These measures are in addition to the established regulatory environment which covers all onshore oil and gas development.”

The additional measures include setting out how the Government’s Traffic Light System will be used to ensure that, in the unlikely event that the fracturing were to trigger any small, induced seismic event, the risk of impacts at surface will be minimised and controlled. It also covers how the deep sub-surface fractures will be measured to demonstrate that they are within the Environment Agency permit boundary.  This will provide assurance that no pathways have been created to allow the frac fluid to reach any groundwater above the frac zones. 

The approved plan can be found here.

Note to Editors:

Before issuing a Hydraulic Fracturing Consent the Secretary of State must be satisfied that a range of conditions has been met:  Infrastructure Act 2015Ministerial Statement by Edward Davey 2012: Exploration for shale gas



4 September 2017

Third Energy appoints new Non-Executive directors 

Third Energy is pleased to announce that Keith Cochrane CBE has been appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Third Energy Onshore Ltd and Jitesh Gadhia is being appointed as Senior Independent Director.


 3 July 2017

Third Energy Submits Hydraulic Fracture Plan for KM8

Third Energy has submitted its Hydraulic Fracture Plan (HFP) to the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) and the Environment Agency.  As part of the regulatory framework, onshore oil and gas operators must prepare and submit an HFP for approval by the OGA. The EA’s remit extends to the protection of all groundwater and made its approval of the HFP an Environmental Permit condition.


26 April 2017

Third Energy statement in response to the illegal action by protestors at Kirby Misperton

Third Energy condemns, in the highest possible terms, the actions of a small group of protestors who blockaded access to our KM-A site at Kirby Misperton, trapping a number of people on the site.

On Tuesday 25 April, staff from Third Energy, along with contractors working for Third Energy, went onto our site to conduct routine monitoring and testing equipment as part of our regulatory compliance programme.  Our staff and contractors undertake such activities on all our sites regularly and have done so for over twenty years. Monitoring and testing is a very important part of ensuring the safety and integrity of our wells.

During the early afternoon, our people became aware that protestors were gathering at the access point to the site, and discovered that they had locked the gates, using chains and padlocks in addition to using their cars to block the site entrance. A number of people were effectively imprisoned by this action for over seven hours in extremely cold conditions and with no access to food.

The protestors, who shouted insults and abuse, deigned to allow our staff and contractors off site at 9:30pm in the evening, “slow walking” them through Kirby Misperton, causing additional distress and disruption to both local residents and our people.  All of this action was gleefully captured by the protestors for social media and their identities are clearly apparent through the postings.

Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy, said: “This illegal action is calculated to cause distress to our staff, and our contractors, who are only trying to go about their daily, legitimate work, and will continue to do so. In fact, they were conducting activities required by regulatory bodies, one of the key aspects of additional protection that public and protestors have wanted.  Third Energy respects people’s right to lawful protest, but this is not lawful and prevents people from going about their legitimate work, indeed imprisoning them on site. We call on the police and authorities to take the strongest possible action to ensure this sort of mob rule by a minority, which we have seen in other parts of the country, doesn’t come to Ryedale.”

Third Energy has been producing gas and energy in Ryedale in a safe, discreet and environmentally sensitive way for more than two decades, and the first well was drilled at the KMA site in 1985. We work closely with local residents, local businesses, local councils and the regulators. We look forward to being able to develop our operations in the future in the same safe, discreet and environmentally sensitive way.





Our first investment was in a group of onshore assets in Yorkshire acquired through the purchase of Viking UK Gas Limited and RGS Energy Services in 2011. These assets include mature producing fields, undeveloped gas...


Third Energy has a significant and growing offshore portfolio. Our current offshore holdings consist of three licences in the Southern North Sea: Pegasus   Block 43/13b; Andromeda  Block 43/12; and Otter Block...


Third Energy’s objective is to have minimum impact on the community, whether from environmental, health or safety impacts from our operations. We are very proud to have operated for over 20-years without any significant incidents.